Hello everyone, we will be using this page of our website to communicate everything to do with starting Foundation at Reservoir Views in 2021.



Hello families,

We have finally received the news we were after, visits to schools by small groups of incoming Foundation/Prep students and their parents are now permitted!!!

These visits will be limited to no more than 5 children, each with one parent to visit one Foundation staff member. 

We are currently contacting all families to book in session times for this Thursday the 29th of October.

Once we reach the Roadmap Third Step, we will also be inviting 2021 Foundation students and families to visit the school individually, I am very conscious that some of you have not properly visited our school or it may have been over 6 months since you have visited.

We will also be visiting kindergartens and childcare centres, creating videos of our classrooms once students resume next week and being as innovative as possible to provide you all with the most comprehensive orientation experience available during these challenging COVID times.

I also want to stress that if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, anything; please call or email.

9460-6995  stephen.stafford@education.vic.gov.au  Hayriye.ali@education.vic.gov.au


Steve Stafford


The current advice is below:

Visits to schools

Visits to schools by small groups of incoming Foundation children and their parents will be permitted under the Roadmap Third Step.

Visits to schools are not permitted under the Roadmap Second Step.

Under the Roadmap Third Step (metropolitan and regional/rural), a small group of incoming Foundation children (no more than 5 children, each with one parent) will be permitted to visit one Foundation teacher at the school site to support the transition of children into Prep in 2021. No intermixing with other children at the school is permitted as part of the visits. Schools will only be allowed to have one small group visit the school at any one time (i.e. there may not be multiple groups of 10 visiting the school at the same time).

Further details on the requirements of these visits is being confirmed with the Department of Health and Human Services and additional advice will be provided to schools early in Term 4.

From: https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/transition-early-childhood-school/guidance/foundation-teachers-transition-visits-kindergartens

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