Students develop communication skills and knowledge to understand social, cultural and familial relationships through learning a language. Learning a language contributes to the development of skills in thinking, reflection and the development of inter-culturally aware citizens.

At Reservoir Views Primary School, the Italian teacher is Candice Vanzin, teaching Italian to Foundation through to Year 6.

Students participate in a variety of activities incorporating songs, games, speaking and listening, reading and writing tasks.Students use a variety of resources for language learning such as posters, picture books, music and websites (Languages Online) to engage and develop their knowledge and skills.

Skills developed include:

·       Repeating teacher-modelled use of language

·       Identifying the names of objects

·       Introducing themselves, greet and farewell

·       Following classroom directions

·       Recognising some culturally specific gestures and body language and demonstrating how these are used

·       Demonstrating an understanding of some of the differences in how people eat and dress, gesture, write and say things

·       Identifying some of the relationships between selected letters, sounds and tones of Italian language compared to English

·       Identifying cultural icons, geographic features, famous buildings or cultural practices



This year the Italian language will be promoted through La festa dell’arte! This event will focus on the Italian Language through the Arts. La festa dell’arte will engage students thorough use of culture, promoted with activities and performances. The whole school will participate in mixed age groups. Students’ artwork will be for sale at the end of the day in their own art show! Students will show case their learning through promotional posters, performances and art. They will share their knowledge of Italian in beyond the classroom setting.


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