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At Reservoir Views Primary School, we celebrate the wonderful creativity of our individual student’s skills and artworks in the art room. Throughout the school year, every class from Foundation to Year six enjoys a one hour lesson in our spacious, well equipped and inspiring light-filled Art room. The Art program aims to provide a broad range of learning experiences that incorporate a skill-based program along with a lot of scope for individual creativity and expression. We all come to Art with different backgrounds, interests and skills.


Originality, individual ideas and creative responses to visual challenges enables each student to be unique in their Artwork. In Art classes, we do not have right or wrong but personal creative responses and expression using a foundation of learnt skills.


In Art, we explore the elements of art: line, shape, colour, pattern and texture through the activities of drawing, painting, printing, collage, modelling, construction, threads, textiles and digital art. Units of study often include Art history, periods of Art and famous Artist’s work are incorporated in the Art program at a comprehensive level throughout the year.


The themes we work with in Art often make links with the integrated units in the classrooms; sometimes these are whole school Art themes/units, at other times a special event or occasion is our focus across different levels of the school.

Every activity aims to develop children’s skills, while developing an understanding and knowledge of materials and techniques. Throughout the year, we will be referring to a range of styles and artworks from ancient to modern times. Developing a working knowledge of multicultural and indigenous design is a feature in the children’s units of artwork. As a multicultural school, we have many cultural backgrounds, each with their own unique traditions and creative styles in Artworks. In Art classes, we celebrate and share these traditions.

Art is about having fun and working with our friends to share our ideas and learn from each other too. Art can be an individual creative activity and a collaborative activity using shared skills and talents. At Reservoir Views Primary School, we take great pride and pleasure in sharing and celebrating the children’s beautiful and unique Artworks as they develop their skills and individual creativity. Art is an ongoing creative journey, for every student, as we learn about our world and respond to it creatively.


Through Art, we develop a lifelong interest in appreciating the beauty and excitement of being expressive and creative. Students learn the application of many skills and visual elements involved in creating, making and designing our individual artworks.


Students are asked to provide art smocks to wear during ‘messier’ lessons.

The artworks produced by our talented students are celebrated and displayed around the school as well and at Keon Park Children’s Hub and through Darebin Council. All students have decorated folios to store their artworks. At the end of the year they can take the folio home to keep.


Please feel free to visit me (Nicky) in the artroom, I’m always more than happy to share your children’s creations with you and they would love you to see their work too.

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